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Description. Custom UI5 project shim extension for babel polyfill dependencies. Publisher

Overview. In order to serve you well, Karma needs to know about your project in order to test it and this is done via a configuration file. The easiest way to generate an initial configuration file is by using the karma init command. This page lists all of the available configuration options.This is a polyfill for the Proxy object, part of ES6. See the MDN docs or Introducing ES2015 Proxies for more information on Proxy itself. Unlike other polyfills, this does not require Object.observe, which is deprecated. The polyfill supports just a limited number of proxy 'traps'. It also works by calling seal on the object passed to Proxy.

A script that updates/adds new functions is called “polyfill”. It “fills in” the gap and adds missing implementations. Two interesting polyfills are: core js that supports a lot, allows to include only needed features. service that provides a script with polyfills, depending on the features and user’s browser. I have a React project running over React Boilerplate 3.7.0 and this is my package.json: { "name": "react-boilerplate", "version": "3.7.0", "description": "A highly ...Note: you have to publish this proxy.html on server where your api is so that when you try to access that api from localhost or from other domain, cors will work perfactly fine using this proxy -->Angular 6 has been released few days ago, bringing plenty of great new features, such as Angular Elements or the Angular CDK. But today I would like to talk about an other feature called Bazel, which been disclosed at Ng-confs and in few blog articles, and which I thought might be part of Angular 6.Since this tool has not been mentioned at all in the official release, I guess it will be ...Hey peeps, I've just made a new site using ES6 throughout, but when I went to test it on something other than Chrome/FF (read: IE11 & Safari / iOS) it's throwing syntax errors for 'promise' and 'class'.

Optional browser features to polyfill. Some features of Angular may require additional polyfills. For example, the animations library relies on the standard web animation API, which is only available in Chrome and Firefox today. The System loader is in the process of being written into browser specifications but in the meantime this polyfill provides a ... It's not nearly as bad as Angular and Ember who use templates to ...